Adjust your work environment with Ergonomics. 

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The principle of Ergonomics is not only adjusting the posture of sitting. But must also pay attention to the subject of the chair, desk, to the distance of the various devices around your body as well. There will be details for us to apply as follows. 

A good working posture.

is one with the torso straight, buttocks fully seated, and the back pressed against the backrest. Do not stoop or bend too much, do not sit hunched over  , with the head must be in the same plane as the spine. Eyes looking straight ahead, about 45–60 centimeters from the screen, can bend the head slightly, but should not bend below 20 degrees.

The shoulder blades should be in a comfortable position without lifting or slouching. Keep your lower arms and thighs parallel to the floor.UFABET  It should be noted that our arms and elbows and our legs and knees are at an angle of about 90 degrees and the feet should be placed close to the floor as well.

Ergonomic chair.

Ergonomics chair is something that many people invest and spend time choosing to achieve good health in the long run. because it helps to support the body of the seated person and can also adjust the height of the chair or move the position of the armrests conducive to the person sitting in a more suitable sitting position If the chair you are using does not have lumbar support, you can use a small pillow, lumbar pillow or back cushion instead.


Many people may not know that. The level of the workbench should be in line with your elbows. in order to move and work naturally. The table should not be so high that you have to raise your arms or shoulders. And not so low that you have to bend down to work. 

Your desk should also have enough room to place and move your legs, knees, and feet to change your posture. If the height of the table cannot be adjusted. You may need to find equipment to support the table legs or adjust the height of the chair instead.