Van Gaal ready to deal with American Express as requested by Depay.

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Louis van Gaal head coach of the Netherlands national team said at a press conference. Before meeting the United States (Dec. 3) Round of 16 at the football World Cup 2022 that the strength of the opponent is freshness. Run fast find a way to restrain As for the story. That Memphis Depay wants to play in front of the pair, Steven Bergwijn does not promise.

The United States is the second-youngest average age at this World Cup (25.2 years ). So head coach Greg Berhalter Able to play pressing for the whole 90 minutes , plus there is a dangerous counterattack UFABET

While ‘ Oranye ‘ , although the average age is about the same (26.6 years ). But the main characters are all senior. Therefore the 71 year old boss will find a way to deal with it appropriately, not inviting fights . 

Van Gaal said:

“ The US is a super-energy team. Their players use a lot of energy in each game. But we will do our best to bring down our opponents. ” 

“ I think it raises the level of play well. It’s the strength of the American people. I want to say that the football industry there has developed like a rocket. Many players play with top European clubs. ” 

“ The US is the perfect example of a good quality team. Unlike many nations that have high individual talent but lack quality. ”

“ What I see in the American team is the vision , the neat game plan . and performed well. ”  

As for the issue of the Memphis interview , he preferred Bergwine to be a frontman rather than Cody Kakpo , Van Gaal chose not to decide to wait and see the event.  

“ It looks like you media have a good connection with him, ” Boss ‘ Orange Windmill ‘ added. 

“ So it can happen that he will make comments like that. which different people have different ideas  

Asian Handicap for Netherlands Half Goal -10, Total Goals + Two Half Goals -10