Terreuer guru believes the new team will take 5 years to rebuild.

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Christophe Terreuer Senior Editor of the Belgian Hot Last News Sport. It is believed that as a result of being eliminated from the World Cup 2022 group stage. The Red Devils of Europe need a blood transfusion It takes no less than 5 years to return to the original point again.

Roberto Martinez ‘s side have lost their spell after finishing third at the World Cup in Russia , as well as the FIFA rankings , having reached the top spot in the world. When choosing only old forces to play the World Cup in Qatar The result is to stop the route at just the group stage.  

That made Terreuer think that he had to reorganize completely. UFABET The remaining backbone will be Amado Onana ( Everton ) or Romeo Lavia ( Southampton ). 

“ I think when a new head coach comes in. Basically, you have to knock out the old ones. To open up the opportunity for a new bloodline in hand , ” opening the mouth via ‘ BBC Sport ‘

“ It takes time. I don’t think we will be at the same level again in five or six years. ” 

“ Romeo Lavia of Southampton and Amadou Onana of Everton are promising young players. But before it is ready to carry, it must be incubated for another 4-6 years .

“ You also need luck if you want to be successful. Like the 2018 World Cup, we were great defensively , offensively , all at the same time – it’s a shame to miss that opportunity .”

Eden Hazard , Dries Mertens , Kevin De Bruyne , Axel Witsel , Thomas Meunier , Jan Vertonghen , Toby A. Elderweireld , Tibol Courtois, Simon Mignolet and Ken  Casteels are all 30+ but still playing in Qatar.