Takefusa Kubo vows not to insult the Asian team in World Cup.

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Takefusa Kubo the Japanese forward is confident that their latest victory will help to offset the disdain of Asian football nations at the World Cup.

The Samurai Blues came from behind to beat Spain 2-1 in their third World Cup Group E match on Thursday. Qualified as group winners will face Croatia in the round of 16.

“There’s us and Australia and Saudi Arabia. almost through to the next round. Don’t underestimate teams from Asia.” said Takefusa Kubo the 21-year-old forward UFABET

“It was unexpected to beat such a great team like Spain. We wished for a historic night to take place in the Round of 16 against Croatia. This game yes was definitely going to be a night that changed our history.

“In the first half I didn’t feel too dangerous, only Neco Williams was very intimidating from the wing. Add in Morata’s goalscoring ability and Pedri’s talent that distills through the ball well.

“Our plan in the second half was to press them. They lost a few balls to us and retreated. They keep possession of the ball. And with their philosophy help us a little. 

“Other teams might kick the ball back a long way. But with the help of the fans We are here for at least one more round.”