Rekraki said Morocco has good enough potential.

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Morocco national team coach Walid Rekraki believes that his team has good enough potential. Which is now showing and continuing to do the football work.

Morocco beat Canada 2-1 in their World Cup Group F third leg on Thursday. As a result, the African representatives qualified for the last 16 as group winners and will face Spain in the next round.

“It’s not easy, but when you know there’s an opportunity to write history. UFABET You will remember it for the rest of your life,” the 47-year-old said.

“In the first half we had our best performance which hasn’t happened in a long time. Unfortunately with that goal [of Canada] coming in, in the second half we were under a lot of pressure. But I love the second half of this game. We were under a lot of pressure. but want to change our concept The players responded.

“We’re not just here to take part or say we’re close to qualifying. We set our own game. We have to do what a European or South American nation can do in these games.

“We set our own goals. when coming here We gave it our all and passed the first round. We don’t want to stop there. We’re going to be a tough team to play against.

“We have to realize what potential there is in us. We live with reality But we will go game by game and give 100 per cent. We have the potential for great things.