James cheers Pickford on transfer to Manchester United

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Former England goalkeeper David James has advised junior goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. That a move to a big club would help him improve his football game further.

         The Everton goalkeeper has held the club’s first-choice position for six years and has been England’s number one in recent years. With James praising his performances for the “Roaring Lions” who are excellent if playing. Against bigger team “Toffees” will enhance their play in the same way.

         “I think Aaron Ramsdale has shown at Arsenal. That when there’s good quality all around it affects your performance.” James told Gie Racon UFABET

         “He’s a potential number one for his country because he plays for a good team. Jordan Pickford, when he plays for England he plays the way. He would if he were at a big Premier League team.”

         “Of course for me he’s good enough to play for teams like Chelsea or Manchester City. He’s shown he’s capable of playing for big clubs like he did in England.”

         “Will he go to Chelsea? Kepa has shown he can be a top player in a top team, why not Manchester United? Jordan Pickford plays for Everton and Manchester United could be the future. if he goes there His interruption will be very rare compared to playing in London.

         “If I were to suggest a team he should go to, even though Manchester United are not playing in the Champions League at the moment, if they signed Jordan Pickford you could argue that he’s going to be in the Champions League. will be able to fight.”