How to play poker card games easy to understand edition?

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Before we introduce how to play poker card games. We will  first introduce you to this type of card game what it is. Which is a card game that uses the number of players from 2 – 10 people per table. Of course. That the equipment used to play is inevitably playing poker card and poker chips. But if it is playing poker (poker)  online, the equipment will be completely different. Just having a smart phone and internet signal can play. As for how to play, there is not much difference.      

You can follow below:

  1. The dealer will deal the cards to the players. The player who was given to hold it in his hand.
  2. The player checks the cards in his hand. After that, there are 3 options to decide on.
  3. Fold Fold down the card in your hand. Considered a waiver of the right to play in that turn to the next player
  4. Call Place a bet equal to the agreed price.
  5. Raise Increase the bet amount. can be increased according to the limit set by the game
  6. If that turn has a player raised, the next player. To continue playing, bet the same amount as the person who first raised, or raise more.
  7. When everyone has played together If there is more than 1 player left, the dealer will deal cards from the midfield. Also known as the Flop UFABET 


  1. After the flop cards are dealt successfully. Players who are still playing in that turn will start from the player most left of the dealer. There are 2 options to choose from:
  2. Check does not place any additional bets. and forfeit the right to play for the next player
  3. Bet to increase the bet amount
  4. In the event that a player decides to bet, the remaining players will have three options:
  5. Call Bet the same amount as the player who bet previously.
  6. Raise Increasing the bet to be equal to or greater than the previous bet amount, signaling the desire to continue.
  7. Fold fold, don’t want to play in that turn.
  8. After the dealer deals cards in midfield or flop cards until the 5th card (River), then it will go into the process of determining the winning and losing results. If there are more than 2 players left, everyone reveals their hand. Whoever has the biggest points wins. All pots are handed over to the winners. But if there is a draw, divide the pot equally.