Bumps appear in hidden areas What are the signs of disease? 

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Bumps appear in hidden areas What are the signs of disease? Is it serious or not? Girls must know!!

The hidden areas  of girls are at risk of being moist all the time. And it’s not just dampness that comes. It can also be a source of germs that we are not aware of. Report from https://ufabet999.com

which those germs also cause A bump appeared on my sister. This can cause pain and an irritating itching sensation as a result. Today we invite you ladies. Let’s see what signs of disease a bump on my sister can indicate. Once you know this, you will be able to prevent and treat it properly.


If the hidden spots of girls There are red bumps. with a head resembling a pimple Bumps like this can often be caused by a bacterial infection. This is caused by dampness or inflamed pores. As for how to take care of it, it’s very simple. Just clean your hidden areas with mild soap. Should not be allowed to become damp together with taking antibiotics. The bump will gradually Can disappear naturally However, remember to never squeeze the blister. Because squeezing will cause the bacteria to spread and cause the infection to spread to other parts of the skin.

Sebaceous glands are inflamed or have ingrown hairs.

If the hidden area has ingrown hairs or sebaceous glands become inflamed. This is another reason why there are bumps in the hidden areas of women. You can as well. There will be only a little pain, swelling and redness. In the field of treatment Use a hot compress to help reduce symptoms initially. And you should apply anti-inflammatory medicine as well, such as Hydrocortisone cream. It will help reduce inflammation. But if the symptoms do not improve It is recommended to see a doctor for proper examination and treatment. Because sometimes there may be an infection as well.

The blister appeared because of an allergy to sanitary pads.

If girls wear sanitary pads for a long time, it can easily cause dampness. It also causes the accumulation of dirt that is full of germs. This is also the reason that a bump can appear on the younger sister’s area. In addition, Some people are also allergic to sanitary napkins. Since most sanitary pads contain perfumes and chemicals that can cause sensitive skin to become allergic, it is therefore recommended to avoid using sanitary pads that contain perfumes. And during menstruation, you should frequently change your sanitary pads every 3-4 hours, it will help reduce irritation or allergic reactions until blisters appear.

I have herpes.

It is a disease that occurs from a viral infection. Which is considered another type of skin-contagious disease. It may be contracted by someone who has a sexually transmitted infection or by sharing towels with other people. Symptoms of herpes that appear in the hidden area are clear blisters. gathered together in a point and feel itchy When the water blister breaks, the patient will experience a burning pain. In terms of treatment, It will be treated according to the symptoms, such as taking painkillers. And take medicine to prevent bacterial infections or apply medicines in the group Vilerm, Acyclovir Zovirax, etc.


It is another sexually transmitted disease that appears as a clear blister. and also a pustule Extremely itchy In terms of treatment Advise patients to see a doctor immediately and take medicine. Including applying the medicine strictly according to the doctor’s orders. In addition, you should pay attention to cleaning the hidden areas very well. To prevent the spread of germs.

If your sister has a bump like this It is recommended that you should not leave it alone. If you are not sure of the symptoms of this disease, you should immediately see a gynecologist to determine the cause and provide direct treatment.