6 ways to encourage menstruation to come quickly

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6 ways to encourage menstruation to come quickly Guaranteed to safe for health.

At one time in a woman ‘s life , she must have thought about wanting her period to come quickly. Especially in which month there are important appointments that coincide with the menstrual cycle. I want my period to come quickly. Today we would like to please all women who want their periods to come quickly. How to stimulate menstruation to come earlier than usual Without harming health, let’s share and apply it together. If there is any way, you have to follow and read together at สมัคร ufabet

How to stimulate menstruation to come earlier than usual

1. Drink herbal tea
Various herbs have the effect of causing menstruation to come more quickly than usual. It also has properties that help speed up blood circulation as well. Whether it’s tea from chamomile, rosemary, parsley, yarrow, feverfew, red raspberry leaves. Or ginger ale, for that matter. These herbal teas are mild and do not have a negative effect on the body. However, it is best to consult a doctor before drinking herbal tea. To prevent it from affecting hormone levels and causing side effects in the body.

2.Eat food that is hygienic
Choosing to eat food that is hygienic before the menstrual period. It can help make menstruation come faster than normal. Start by reducing the intake of spicy and salty foods. This is because sodium contributes to abnormal kidney function. It also causes edema. Therefore, it is recommended to eat spinach, pumpkin, papaya or carrots, which are foods that contain substances that stimulate menstruation to come quickly. You should also drink lots of water. To bring the body into balance

3. Eat fruits that give heat to the body.
Fruits that provide heat to the body include papaya, pumpkin, pineapple, carrots, pomegranate, etc. It is recommended to double the amount of eating these types of fruits than before. to increase body temperature and to stimulate the production of estrogen which can help postpone menstruation to come earlier than usual

4. Drink palm sugar.
Palm sugar has properties that help drive blood. Therefore, it is suitable for all women who, in some months, want their period to come earlier than usual. By sipping palm sugar mixed in warm water before eating breakfast every day. It will help menstruation come quickly. Also, sipping palm sugar mixed in warm water during menstruation. It also helps reduce menstrual pain.

5. Eat vitamin C and exercise often.
Eating vitamin C helps suppress the secretion of progesterone. This causes the uterine wall to become thinner and helps to speed up menstruation. In addition, you should exercise a lot along with it as well. It will help you get good results. However, you should consult your doctor about taking vitamin C in the right amount and not being harmful to your health, so you will be more confident in its safety.

6. Soak in warm water or use a hot compress.
Soaking in warm water Use an electric bag. or use a heating pad It is considered a method that stimulates menstruation to come quickly and is very popular. This is because the temperature plays a role in causing the body to relax the abdominal muscles. and also causes blood vessels to expand along with increasing blood circulation from the uterus Therefore causing the menstrual cycle to come faster than normal.