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Benefits of Kefir.

Kefir is a drink made from fermented milk such as cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sugary water or fruit juice with kefir grains. That contain yeast and bacteria. Kefir contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and beneficial microorganisms.  Which these nutrients May help support the functioning of the digestive system, nourish bones and

Benefits of Chia Seeds.

Benefits of Chia Seeds. If you consume 1 ounce per day, you’ll get 18% calcium, 27% phosphorus, 30% manganese, followed by potassium and copper. Chia seeds contain more omega-3, calcium, phosphorus, and fiber than flax seeds. Chia seeds can reduce the risk of various health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease,

“Menstrual delay pill” how to use it to safe?

Is the menstrual delay pill safe and effective? In most cases, the use of menstrual delay pills is effective and safe What is a menstrual delay pill? Menstrual delay pills are pills that are taken orally that can help the menstrual period to arrive in a normal cycle. can be postponed

6 ways to encourage menstruation to come quickly

6 ways to encourage menstruation to come quickly Guaranteed to safe for health. At one time in a woman ‘s life , she must have thought about wanting her period to come quickly. Especially in which month there are important appointments that coincide with the menstrual cycle. I want my

How many hours per day do you “sit for a long time”?

How many hours per day do you “sit for a long time“? Risk of “cancer” and serious diseases. Office workers should understand this behavior well, that is, ” sitting for a long time ” because throughout many working hours People often sit at their desks. I rarely move or

Sancho risk being slap by Manchester United

Sancho risk being slap by Manchester United. After Ten Hag counterattack over poor training. Sancho was not name in the squad for Manchester United’s 3-1 loss to Arsenal on Sunday. Ten Hag was not impress with Sancho’s training performance. The 23-year-old hit back at Ten